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​At Brewair Airconditioning Services our goal is to provide a high quality, reliable and efficient service to all our clients. No matter what your business or industry we will ensure your air conditioning equipment is maintained in a professional manner. We offer around the clock service, with a quick response time to get your system back on line and fully operational again.


Brewair Airconditioning Services can provide customised maintenance programs for all air conditioning and chillers, from monthly, quarterly and annual servicing to suit your needs.

Our Services include:


  • Maintenance of all commercial and industrial air conditioning systems and chillers.

  • Disconnect and reconnects.

  • Spare parts replacements for non-warranty units.

  • Filter and drier replacements.

  • Testing of refrigeration and electrical safety devices.

  • Perform oil and refrigerant analysis on chiller systems.

  • Tube cleans and anode replacements.

  • Complete running log sheets for chillers.

  • Condenser and evaporator coil cleans.

  • Chilled water & condenser water pressure drops / flows.

  • Leak testing of refrigeration systems.

  • System upgrades and replacements.

Preventative maintenance is highly recommended for all types of air conditioning.

This is not only to prevent expensive breakdowns and down time on production lines, but to reduce running costs, maintaining maximum running efficiency and to ensure our environment is protected from harmful ozone depleting refrigerant's contained within these systems.

Brewair Airconditioning Services offer maintenance contracts, ensuring that your air conditioning equipment is regularly serviced to Australian Standards.

As contracted clients, we offer discounted rates for all breakdown calls during business & after hours.

Brewair Chiller repair maintenance
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